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Oat Bran Products

The Dukan Diet has come to the US!  I am very enthusiastic about this diet–it inspired this blog!  A very popular diet in France, and then the UK, Pierre Dukan has now brought this new weight loss plan to America.

Dr. Dukan is concerned about our nation’s complacency for constant yoyo diets and struggles to maintain a healthy weight.  Like Atkins, he focuses on protein being a main source of food throughout the diet, but unlike Atkins he does NOT allow fat, sugar, or flour.  Plus, he adds a very important daily grain: OAT BRAN.

The rules change depending where you are in the world.  Obviously all countries can’t get all products.  I decided to state the rules that I followed and still follow.  I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying these are the official rules of the US diet.  Yet, I wanted to share with everyone how I interpreted the diet and achieved fantastic results.  Click here for more explanation on my recipes.  I hope this helps!

The Dukan Diet According To Special Order Recipes

  • Lean meats: pork, veal, and beef (except for rib meat)
  • Fish and all seafood
  • All skinless poultry, no duck
  • Lean pre-cooked meats
  • Eggs-I remain eating egg whites
  • Non-fat dairy/lowfat dairy is a tolerated food
  • No oil, flour, or refined sugar



Same as ATTACK but you alternate between Pure Protein (ATTACK) and Protein Vegetable days.  The vegetables are limited and explained in the list below.

  • All green vegetables raw or cooked without any limits
  • No potatoes and no fruit
  • You can also have “Tolerated” foods (explained below)

Fat free fruit yogurts with fruit 1 a day, plain soy yogurt 1, Corn starch 1 T,  1 t of sugar free low fat cocoa powder, wine for cooking 3 T, turkey or chicken sausage 1/4 lb, soy milk (glass), 7% fat cheese 2 T, rhubarb 6 T, oil 3 drops, soy sauce 1 t, extra light Philadelphia cream cheese 2 T, light cheese (e.g., Laughing Cow) 2 T, oat bran during ATTACK 1 & 1/2 T, oat bran during CRUISE 2 T, oat bran during CONSOLIDATION 2 T.  You can pick 2 of these foods and have them every day.  But only 2/day/serving.


This is how you’re going to keep your diet from yo-yoing once you’ve reached your goal weight.  Basic rules listed below.

  • Fruit: You can choose any fruit except for the following 4 fruits–bananas, grapes, cherries, and figs (except in a Celebration Meal)
  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread: NEVER WHITE.
  • 1 ½ oz cheese: Try not to choose a cheese with more than 40% fat.
  • Starchy Foods: TRY ALWAYS TO EAT WHOLE GRAIN.  Oil and butter are not allowed.
  • Celebration Meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever food you want to but just one. You can have a good helping of everything but only once, you must never have seconds.
  • Protein Day: a day of pure proteins one day a week always the same day of the week


  • Eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day
  • Walk and take stairs everywhere
  • Have a day of pure proteins one day a week always the same day of the week
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