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As I’ve mentioned in my goals,  I really want to help others stick to their goals of eating healthy by sharing my recipes with you.  Sticking with a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you are destined to endless plates of dull cuisine with little variety.  Each week, I publish multiple Dukan Diet recipes that are easy to follow and prepare.  Not to mention, they are simply delicious!  Please feel free to subscribe to my blog via FacebookRSS, or Pinterest.  And, please do check in with the site as it’s more than a recipe blog–it’s a community!

I started the Dukan Diet in 2011.  My biggest dream after I got to my goal weight was to write a cookbook of all the recipes I was making while I was on the diet.  Well, I did and you can now buy it at the eStore. Enter code 4NTGTTRT for a 20% discount.  Or, order via Amazon: Paperback: Special Order Recipes / Kindle: Special Order Recipes

dukan diet recipes cookbook

I am in the middle of trying to launch another cookbook this year.  It’s going to be a mix of recipes for everyone, following the diet or not.  99 Meatballs will have lots and lots of healthy protein and veggie protein recipes in it. Because I’m following a plant-based diet doesn’t mean I don’t still love cooking lean protein, healthy and tasty treats for all my friends and family!  Stay tuned!

I hope that you enjoy reading and trying my recipes.  Please feel free to send comments.  I always love to hear what you’re thinking (good or bad), as well as, any feedback.

To your health,


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