Dukan Diet Recipes-Welcome!

Dukan Diet Recipes-Welcome!

It’s been over a year since Dukan It Out by Special Order Recipes was launched and I want to say a big “Thank you!” to my existing readers and a friendly “Hello!” to my new readers!  I hope you’ve enjoyed the Dukan Diet recipes I have posted so far!

I followed the Dukan Diet beginning in March of 2011 and reached my goal weight in June, right on target.  I can’t say enough good things about this diet because it works!

I love cooking and I love being healthy, so I decided to combine these two passions and launch this blog.  Dukan It Out  is filled with recipes inspired to keep people on track with following the diet.  I do this according to my understanding and interpretation of the Dukan Diet.

My goals with Dukan It Out are:

  • Help people understand that food doesn’t have to taste bad to be healthy
  • To show that every good recipe has many variations that can adapt to anyone’s personal tastes, needs, and preferences
  • To help you follow the  Dukan Diet (a super cool diet!) by providing you interesting recipes in your quest to stay healthy
  • And of course, to share my happiness of cooking and eating really good food!


This diet really does work, but you have to stick to the rules.  I have to admit, over a year later I gained some of the weight back but it’s due to my lack of following the rules and not always eating healthy.  But, if you stick to the rules, you will see results that will stick.  I pretty much live my life on the Cruise Phase, as you can tell by my recipes.  I hope to lose 10 pounds again this year in 2013.  I thank all of you for inspiring me and all the kind words that have come my way over these past months.

Taking care of your body should always be your main concern.  Followed by…eating really good food!  Alas, food is the battle of good and evil.  I hope my recipes can help you win your “battle” between eating tasty, wholesome, and nutritional foods vs. high-calorie, high-fat, and simple-carb laden foods.

To your health,


Some more features of the site:

  • Motivation Corner – People will be able to read your success stories and keep inspired–please email me your story at janice@dukanitout.com!
  • Bragging Rights (Coming Soon) - Email me your before and after photos and I’ll post them on this page!
  • Consolidation Corner (Coming Soon) – A page where you can enter your weight loss–we’ve lost over 3,700 pounds since launching this site!
  • Forum (Coming Soon) – An interactive space for readers to ask questions, exchange ideas and stories, and help each other out.


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