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It’s been over three years since Dukan It Out by Special Order Recipes was launched and started posting Dukan diet recipes and I want to say a big “Thank you!” to my existing readers and a friendly “Hello!” to my new readers!

I followed the Dukan Diet beginning in March of 2011 and reached my goal weight in June, right on target.  I couldn’t say enough good things about this diet because it worked for me so well!

I love cooking and I love being healthy, so I decided to combine these two passions and launch this blog.  Dukan It Out  is filled with recipes inspired to keep people on track with the diet.  I highly recommend you read all about how I started and how I interpreted the diet HERE.


My goals at Special Order Recipes are still the same but I’ve made some major changes in my lifestyle that I want to share with everyone that is interested in living a healthy life through food, exercise and mental stimulation:

  • To explain to you how and why I decided to make all the changes I talk about and what my experiences were doing so.
  • To help you understand how you can help yourself by following my experiences and hopefully doing some of the same things for yourself.
  • To show that every good recipe has many variations that can adapt to anyone’s personal tastes, needs, and preferences.
  • Help people understand that food doesn’t have to taste bad to be healthy.
  • And of course, to share my happiness of cooking and eating really good food!


I am now 48 years old and all sorts of things have changed.  My mind is in a different place, my body is in a different place and the world around me is different.  I will share with you the different ways i challenge my mind and body.

Taking care of your body should always be your main concern.  Followed by…eating really good food!  Alas, food is the battle of good and evil.  I hope my recipes can help you win your “battle” between eating tasty, wholesome, and nutritional foods vs. high-calorie, high-fat, and simple-carb laden foods.

To your health,



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