There has been some confusion since I started this blog about the difference between some of the things I’m using in my Dukan Diet recipes and what some of you have been reading in Dukan’s book and US website.  Since I followed the UK diet, I couldn’t get on the US website and they weren’t able to transfer my diet over.  The rules change depending where you are in the world.  Obviously all countries can’t get all products.  So to clear up some of the confusion, I decided to state the rules that I followed and still follow.  I’m not a doctor and in no way am I saying this is what you should follow or that these are the rules of the US diet.  It is only how I interpreted the diet and how I followed it:

Attack Phase:

Lean meats: pork, veal and beef except for rib meat. Fish. All seafood.  All skinless poultry, no duck. Lean pre-cooked meats.  Eggs-I remain eating egg whites.  Non-fat dairy/lowfat dairy is a tolerated food.  No oil, flour, or refined sugar.

Cruise Phase:  Same as Attack but you alternate between Pure Protein (Attack) and Protein Vegetable days.  The vegetables are limited and explained here:

All green vegetables raw or cooked without any limits.  No potatoes and no fruit.   You can also have Tolerated foods, explained here:

Fat free fruit yogurts with fruit 1 a day, Plain soy yogurt 1, Corn starch 1 T,  1 t of sugar free low fat cocoa powder, Wine for cooking 3 T, turkey or chicken sausage 1/4 lb, Soy milk (glass), 7% fat cheese 2 T, Rhubarb 6 T, Oil 3 drops, Soy sauce 1 t, Extra light Philadelphia 2 T, Light cheese like laughing cow 2 T, Oat Bran during Attack 1 & 1/2 T, Oat Bran during Cruise 2 T, Oat Bran during Consolidation 2 T.  You can pick 2 of these foods and have them every day.  But only 2/day/serving.

Consolidation Phase:  This is how you’re going to keep your diet from yo-yoing once you’ve reached your goal weight.  Basic rules:

Fruit: You can choose any fruit except for the following 4 fruits: bananas, grapes, cherries and figs except in a celebration meal.  2 slices of whole wheat bread: NEVER WHITE.  1 ½ oz cheese: Try not to choose a cheese with more than 40% fat. Starchy foods:TRY ALWAYS TO EAT WHOLE GRAIN.   Oil and butter are not allowed.  Celebration meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner, whatever food you want to but just one. You can have a good helping of everything but only once, you must never have seconds. Protein Day: a day of pure proteins one day a week always the same day of the week.

Stabilization and Lifetime Goals:  Eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day.  Walk and take stairs everywhere,  and a day of pure proteins one day a week always the same day of the week.

For my journey, I wanted to lose 25 pounds.  I had 2 days of Attack, 70 days on Cruise, and 91 days to keep it there in Consolidation.  To find your journey plan, you can go to the Dukan Diet website.  Then you’re well on your way to a healthier you!!

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