Dukan Diet Recipes

Dukan Diet Recipes

According to Special Order Recipes and Dukanitout

I’m back on the Dukan Diet, making wonderful Dukan Diet recipes and loving it!

  • I’ve adapted it to work for myself but I think everyone needs to make it work for them or they won’t stick with it.
  • I eat a lot of animal protein, try to keep it lower cholesterol and lower fat meats.
  • I just can’t give up my cheese.  And I drink wine.  I think it may slow me down but I’m much more prone to sticking with it.
  • I love writing  recipes and sharing them with all the people that hit this website.

My goals are:


  • To help you understand how you can help yourself by following my experiences and hopefully doing some of the same things for yourself.
  • To show that every good recipe has many variations that can adapt to anyone’s personal tastes, needs, and preferences.
  • Help people understand that food doesn’t have to taste bad to be healthy.
  • And of course, to share my happiness of cooking and eating really good food!
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