A FB friend reminded me that we need to come up with a before and after section along with our Consolidation and Motivational Corners–Please everyone send us your photos and maybe a short success story!  It’ll help lots with their motivation!!

Annick lost 59 pounds on the Dukan Diet!!  Yay for her!!

Dukan Diet Recipe Annick


Paula lost 60 pounds!!

Dukan diet reicpes Paula


Caroline also lost 50 pounds!!

dukan diet recipes Caroline


I can send an explanation of me, too. left is not my highest weight. but even fit people can afford to lose body fat. IN fact i think women with “only” 10 or 15 lbs to lose get very little help. Fitness mags cater TO them, but have no solutions. as a nutritionist and trainer.. i love dukan. sample pik below. i have MANY clients on this, losing weight of all sizes.

i also do  Dukan “seminars” live on webcam (without or without fitness sessions, sometimes with some just nutrition) with or without cameras for folks to ask someone who eats sleeps and breathes this diet, questions. You see me live on screen one or ten people. I dont have to see the person,but can if they want me to. fun fun.  via, skype, facetime, PowHow and Kondoot.

Margo–Austin, TX



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